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Top Fuel Motorcycle racer, Chris Matheson, calls time on his racing in Australia.

Australia’s quickest and fastest man on two wheels, Chris “NitroVoodoo” Matheson, has called time on his illustrious career.  

Matheson has been the man to beat in Top Fuel Motorcycle racing for the last decade as he, and his NitroVoodoo team, crossed Australia in their quest to rewrite history in the sport. 

Matheson smashed the last holy grail of the sport on 5 May 2023, at 2.39pm, when he broke into the 5-second zone, clocking a staggering 5.920 seconds at over 232 MPH  (370 KPH) over the quarter-mile (400m).  

Matheson set the bar throughout his career, winning every race from a rookie start for almost two entire race seasons, ultimately accumulating 8-National Championships during his 11 year reign.  

Matheson closes his career as reigning champion, and Number 1 Plate Holder, in both 400 Thunder series and also the Burson Auto Parts Top Fuel Championship.  

Matheson has dominated the sport, winning his last five (5) Championships consecutively, holding national speed and ET records for some 10+ years.  

Incredibly, Matheson holds the track records of all major Group 1 tracks throughout Australia.  

Matheson has racked up some 50+ Group 1 wins, 70+ podiums,  and in excess of 60 Top Qualifiers.  

Suffering some spectacular mishaps in his decade of racing, including being blown off his NitroVoodoo machine at almost 235 MPH (380 KPH) and was electrocuted during a race in Darwin, Northern Territory, when a spark plug hit him in the chest on a pass, electrifying him with some 45,000 volts.  

Matheson said “the team and I have achieved what we set out to do.  We designed and built our own power plants here in Brisbane, Australia, under the direction of Mr Philip O’Brien of Performance Wholesale Australia, who effectively made a nitro bomb into a quick, fast and reliable machine.  We have two (2) of the youngest crew in the sport, Jaimie McKinley and “Clutch Guy” JP, working tirelessly to turn the bike around between races, while “Crew Chief” Mick Mackay, orchestrates the ensemble.” 

He went on to say “I am elated to see a resurgence in Top Fuel Motorcycle Racing in recent times and confident we have improved the profile of our sport from when we entered the scene in 2010.  We set some records along the way and changed history with our Team’s efforts.  I have made many friends on the journey and met many loyal fans.  Sponsors, supporters, volunteers and officials have made the whole experience extremely enjoyable.  

To all the Racers and Teams we competed against, thank you.  Especially Chris “Bad Bones” Porter, who put up some of the toughest competition throughout my career.  

My wife and children who let me chase my dreams through the good times, and the tough times. 

It is time to move over and let some youth chase down our legacy, and write their own history in this crazy wild sport we call Top Fuel Motorcycle.”

Matheson was tight lipped when asked what was next!


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