The Jack Hammer - The History

Formerly owned by Doug & Julie Vancil from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

Doug and Julie (crew chief) Vancil have a long history in Top Fuel Motorcycle racing in America, leading the Nitro Harley scene with revolutionary technology, resulting in consistent fast racing.

Doug and Julie had been involved in drag racing for almost twenty years and were passionate racers that lived for the sport.

In the Winter of 1999, Doug went to John Storaces’ fabrication shop, better known today as the Weekend Frame Company and built three complete rollers. Vancil had formed a close bond with Motorcycle Performance Specialists and former racer Terry Vance and Byron Hines from Vance & Hines.

After completing the roller fabrication, Doug returned to the Vance Hines’ base in California and machined all the equipment to complete the new nitro machine, along with plenty of spares.

The Vancil machine led the Nitro Harley scene and dominated with its reliable fast performances, featuring a massive 196 cube 5” x 5” bore engine. The massive power plant produced some 1000 horsepower and was legendary for its consistent quick winning passes.

In 2001 Vancil laid down a blistering pass at Cordova USA at 6.278 seconds, almost two tenths ahead of the field. Doug and Julie went on to win four World Championships, with the Vance and Hines sponsored machine.

"Doug was always known to push the envelope and to think outside the box," said Matheson. "He then went in another direction with the clutch set up and went down the McBride track with an inboard clutch system, with a BJ heavy-duty 2-speed gearbox attached."

McBride has worked closely with Vancil and helped revolutionise the combination, which is successfully used today. The new combination quickly produced World Record results, Vancil winning the Championship for a fourth time and setting a new World Record Twin ET of 6.223 seconds at over 232 mph in late 2008.

The Vancil machine won more than 50 Top Fuel Bike races across America and set numerous World Records along the way.

Vancil’s record pass in October 2008 has only recently been broken, many years later with a 6.17 second pass, despite Vancil retiring the winning machine back in 2008.

Vancil’s machine also recorded the quickest half-track pass on a V-Twin, laying down a 4.076 second time, which has only recently been broken by a supercharged Nitro Harley by less than a hundredth of a second.

The Vancil, Vance & Hines relationship was one that will be remembered in racing circles for many years, as Doug and Julie set the bar in performance, professionalism, not only in the US, but recognised worldwide.

Earlier this year (2018) Vance & Hines announced that Doug Vancil will come out of retirement to race a new V&H nitro Harley to compete in the (10 race) Mickey Thompson Tires Top Fuel Harley Drag Racing Series.

Now re-born with multiple upgrades in performance and design, under the team name of "Jack Hammer", the beast is back on track.

Matheson debuted his V-Twin machine in 2015, winning the first race of the Australian Championship at Perth Motorplex, Kwinana, in Western Australia.  Matheson went on to finish third in the Australian Championship in his debut year.

Matheson's "Jack Hammer" is idle at the moment as he focuses on his multi-cylinder "Nitro Voodoo" machine as he pursues his goal of achieving the first 5-second pass on two-wheels in Australia.

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