Nitro Voodoo - The History

The former Jimmy Brantley AMA/Prostar 2005 Championship Top Fuel Bike, formerly known as the “Hulk”, was destined for Aussie shores.

In August 2008, Chris Matheson travelled to America to view this monster, where he met Larry “Spiderman” McBride, Steve McBride and the entire team at Cycle Specialists.

The bike was built by Larry “Spiderman” McBride, Steve McBride & Jimmy Brantley and has run 5.8 seconds at 237 mph (383.94 kph), which was the quickest in the world. Only in recent times has this been beaten by the legendary Larry “Spiderman” McBride himself, running a 5.749 at 235mph (380.7 kph).

Meeting Larry & Steve at the Indianapolis raceway was an awesome experience and valuable time was spent there at their workshop in Newport News, Virginia. Larry & Steve ran us through setups, systems and the overall package, which is where the Cycle Specialist team excel, being at the cutting edge of Top Fuel Drag Racing for some 30 years, winning the American series a record 14 times.

The deal was concluded and we returned to Australia to set in train the freight process. By September 2008, it was time to return to the States, where, again we spent beneficial time with the “Spiderman” team, absorbing a wealth of knowledge. 

Over watchful eyes of the “Spiderman”, the bike was then secured, packed, ensuring its safety for the voyage to the bikes new home on Aussie shores. 

As soon as the bike landed safely in Australia, it was time for the team to go to task to learn the fundamentals of the bike and its idiosyncrasies. Test days were held at their home track at Willowbank, where Team Owner / Rider, Chris Matheson licensed with solid 6 second passes.

It was also time to give the bike a new image for the Australian Series, whilst heralding the beginning of a new era for the bike. After numerous brain storming sessions, I decided to name the bike “Nitro Voodoo”. A new paint scheme, the “Nitro Voodoo” logo, Team crew shirts etc were implemented prior to commencement of Round 1 of the 2009/2010 Pro-Series Championship.

The bike made its debut in the new colours at the Gold Coast Motorcycle Expo in March 2009, where Nitro Voodoo drew huge crowds over the 3 day Expo. This raised much interest by the general public and exhibitors alike.

The Nitro Voodoo machine has evolved since its initial inception, when arriving in Australia, including numerous performance upgrades and improved aerodynamics.  The machine has re-written history in the Southern Hemisphere, winning multiple Australian Championships, numerous Australian Track Records and to this day is still the quickest and fastest Top Fuel Motorcycle in the Southern Hemisphere, recording 6.04 seconds at 241.8 mph (389kph).

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